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Company Overview

The Cyber Snipa company and product range is focused on providing high end consumer entertainment electronics products to the global market.

Cyber Snipa is focused on PC gaming. Our mission is to create gaming peripherals specifically designed to enhance game play and give PC gamers around the world a competitive edge. Our wide range of products have won acclaim for cutting edge technology, superior design, usability and capacity to improve in-game performance. These traits have made Cyber Snipa peripherals the weapons of choice for professional gamers.

Cyber Snipa could not exist without the gaming community who inspire us to excel in the design and production of our award winning gear. In return, Cyber Snipa supports key elements of that community by way of sponsorship to gaming teams and LAN events. We are glad to help gamers realize their pwnage goals and stay on target.

Cyber Snipa PC gaming product range
As market leaders in PC gaming, each product manufactured is individually tested against the strictest quality control standards. All electrical products have FCC and CE approval. Cyber Snipa quality assurance